Pursuant to Act No. 7888, the Supreme Court issued Promulgation Order No. 2016-005 establishing the Judicial Branch Administrative Office. Headed by an Administrator of Courts, who is appointed by the Chief Justice, the responsibilities of the Judicial Branch Administrative Office include but are not limited to: 

Evaluating the business of Virgin Islands courts and means of improving the administration of justice within the Virgin Islands court system;

Adopting policy and rules for the operations of all local Virgin Islands courts, including, personnel, procurement, facilities and property, financial, security, and travel, as well as developing, implementing, coordinating, and monitoring strategic plans as well as administrative and other policies;

Preparing and publishing statistical an annual report on the work of the judicial branch; 

Preparing a single annual budget request for the judicial branch, including funding for operations of the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, and the Judicial Council;

Liaising with the Legislature of the Virgin Islands and makes recommendations for legislative action necessary to improve the administration of justice and court operations.

A detailed listing of the responsibilities of the Administrator of Courts may be found in the Virgin Islands Code at 4 V.I.C. §4(b).