Limited Resumption of In-Person Operations and Proceedings
Posted on 01/29/2021
Administrator of Courts, Regina Petersen, advises the public and members of the Virgin Islands Bar Association, that there will be limited resumption of in-person proceedings in the Judicial Branch of the Virgin Islands through 11:59 pm on Sunday, February 28, 2021.

While Judicial Branch facilities will be open to the public for the purpose of conducting official business, unless excused for demonstrated medical reasons NO individual, including court staff, will be allowed entry to any Judicial Branch facility without wearing an appropriate face mask, submitting to a temperature check, and complying with all federal and territorial public health guidelines.

The Current modification authorizes the scheduling of in-person hearings for suppression, change of plea and sentencing, subject to the approval  of the Presiding Judge or the Administrative Judge. Unless otherwise approved, all other matters shall continue to heard remotely.

The Public is reminded that filings and payments continue to be accepted through the Virgin Islands Judiciary Electronic Filing System (VIJEFS) in all eligible cases.

 A copy of the latest Administrative Order is provided here: Adm Order No. 2021-0002.pdf