The purchase of goods and services will be authorized by an approved purchase order. The Judiciary will not be responsible for orders accepted or shipped by vendors without an approved purchase order. The Judiciary reserves the right to reject and return any goods received at the supplier's expense. It is prohibited to fill any purchase requests that is not approved by a purchase order or change product description and/or quantities without prior consent from the Procurement Division or the Administrative Authority.

Deliveries are authorized only at the location stated on the approved purchase order. All deliveries to the Judiciary are Free On Board (F.O.B.) Destination. (F.O.B.) Destination is defined as:
Title changes hands from the supplier to the public entity at the destination of the shipment when the public entity signs for the goods; the supplier owns the goods in transit, assumes responsibility for carrier selection, and files any claims for damages incurred during this period. It does not address the responsibility for the cost of transportation (freight charges), which must be specified with the inclusion of additional language.(NIGP Dictionary of Procurement Terms)

Shipments are accepted between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday except published holidays.

Invoices are to be submitted to the following email address:
[email protected]
The Judiciary’s payment terms are net 30 from the receipt of an invoice. The receipt of an invoice signals that the goods or services were received in accordance with the approved purchase order or approval of any changes to the purchase order by the Procurement Division or the Administrative Authority. Invoices must include the following information:

• The purchase order number
• Invoice Number
• Invoice Date
• Description of goods or services exactly as it appears on the purchase order.